Introducing CallSwitch Lite

hosted communications

TelcoSwitch has added to its hosted communications service with the launch of CallSwitch Lite. CallSwitch Lite is a slimmed down version of the CallSwitch Business solution that has been built with small businesses in mind.

While it retains the core functionality of the main CallSwitch Business product, we have stripped back the features which are unnecessary in a smaller business environment, offering customers quality and ease of use without having to pay for features they neither want or need.

Unlike other ‘seat only’ solutions, CallSwitch Lite is not a build-it-yourself solution. We have done all the hard work for you so that Lite is ready for your customers now. It includes all the essentials, a handset, attractive call bundle and those business-critical features such as conference calling, multi locations and unified voicemail. There is also a range of optional upgrades available to enable you to tailor your offering for each customer.

The hosted communications solution from TelcoSwitch

CallSwitch is TelcoSwitch’s innovative hosted communications platform, specifically designed to be intuitive and simple, making communication effortless from installation through to operation.

The CallSwitch platform is built on Asterisk – an open source framework for building communications applications. Our network and servers have been built to the highest level of resilience, with considerable back-up options that are unmatched by other providers.

Both CallSwitch Business and CallSwitch Lite have been designed with end user needs in mind and we believe they offer our Partners a clear and easy to understand proposition for prospects of any size. To find out more about how our latest innovation packs a punch, visit or call +44 (0) 330 122 7000 or email

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