What do you get when you cross BrightSparks with some TelcoSwitch flare? Graduate Academy Day of course!

We wanted a unique approach to our recruitment process, we wanted to stand out from the rest in every element of our partner management, this includes finding the right individuals to deliver. So we called on BrightSparks and with some quick thinking, #GradAcademyDay was born….

We advertised our #GraduateAcademyDay on both TelcoSwitch and BrightSparks social media channels. BrightSparks pooled from the very best to find the 20 potential future TelcoSwitch superstars. We then held the very first event of its kind in the telecoms industry: an in-house selection day, held on Thursday 16th November 2017.

This is where the fun began. The Grads were put through their paces and they all delivered. After introductions from the TelcoSwitch and BrightSparks team, the next hour and a half was dedicated to giving the candidates a chance to individually step up, tell us about themselves and show us their mettle.

They took part in a number group activities, where the candidates were split into smaller groups and presented with a number of scenarios to deal with. This exercised the candidates ability to work in a team, whilst still be able to shine individually as a confident and driven candidate – all absolute musts for our future Grads.

These exercises provided a valuable insight into how each individual performed under pressure and were able to cooperate with others in an environment where those same people are your competition. And they did not disappoint. Each and every person gave their all and showed us what they were really made of.

This left us with a difficult decision. Taking careful consideration, we have shortlisted candidates for further interviews. The Team would like to thank everyone who took part and we hope everyone enjoyed and values the experience the day provided, regardless of our selection.

We would like to thank #BrightSparks for their professionalism, expertise and organisation to help find our TelcoSwitch future stars … watch this space to see who we took on and keep track of their progression.

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