Up to £100 cashback to CallSwitch Resellers!

Up to £100 cashback to CallSwitch Resellers!

Exclusive, limited time only, CallSwitch cashback offer.


TelcoSwitch offers instant cashback incentives to reward Resellers for CallSwitch Recurring Business seats. From £50 cashback per seat signed to a 3 year Recurring Business contract, to £100 cashback per seat signed to a 5 year Recurring Business contract, this fantastic offer is just one way we want to demonstrate our dedication to the Channel. This limited offer ends 31st August 2018.

Paul Gibbs, Sales Director at TelcoSwitch said, “We’re really excited to launch this cashback incentive to our Partners. From unlimited telephone support to dedicated training; we ensure all our Resellers have the knowledge and tools they need to make a success of our products. We’re passionate about the Channel and endeavour to demonstrate our dedication wherever we can.”

About CallSwitch Business

CallSwitch Business is an innovative telephony platform specifically designed to be intuitive and simple – to make communication effortless from installation through to operation. It has been developed to cater for businesses of all sizes and offers unrivalled quality of service.

CallSwitch Business is feature rich, offers state of the art hardware and a very generous call bundle.

Find out more, here.

Introducing CallSwitch Lite

hosted communications

TelcoSwitch has added to its hosted communications service with the launch of CallSwitch Lite. CallSwitch Lite is a slimmed down version of the CallSwitch Business solution that has been built with small businesses in mind.

While it retains the core functionality of the main CallSwitch Business product, we have stripped back the features which are unnecessary in a smaller business environment, offering customers quality and ease of use without having to pay for features they neither want or need.

Unlike other ‘seat only’ solutions, CallSwitch Lite is not a build-it-yourself solution. We have done all the hard work for you so that Lite is ready for your customers now. It includes all the essentials, a handset, attractive call bundle and those business-critical features such as conference calling, multi locations and unified voicemail. There is also a range of optional upgrades available to enable you to tailor your offering for each customer.

The hosted communications solution from TelcoSwitch

CallSwitch is TelcoSwitch’s innovative hosted communications platform, specifically designed to be intuitive and simple, making communication effortless from installation through to operation.

The CallSwitch platform is built on Asterisk – an open source framework for building communications applications. Our network and servers have been built to the highest level of resilience, with considerable back-up options that are unmatched by other providers.

Both CallSwitch Business and CallSwitch Lite have been designed with end user needs in mind and we believe they offer our Partners a clear and easy to understand proposition for prospects of any size. To find out more about how our latest innovation packs a punch, visit http://telcoswitch.com/callswitchlite or call +44 (0) 330 122 7000 or email whatsup@telcoswitch.com

Nothing lasts forever, except our lifetime licenses

Nothing lasts forever, except our lifetime licenses

With recent announcements that some vendors are withdrawing their lifetime licenses (also known as upfront licenses) TelcoSwitch is proud to be supporting the reseller community by continuing to provide lifetime licenses for the CallSwitch hosted solution.

Whereas traditional pay monthly licenses only allow for a fixed margin, lifetime licenses mean 100% margin for resellers. TelcoSwitch resellers can buy their CallSwitch licenses upfront, meaning they become the property of the reseller forever, and their customers turn into profit in a relatively short space of time.

If after a 36-month contract, a customer decides to terminate, the license is still owned by the reseller, allowing them to resell again and retain 100% profit for their business. Nothing lasts forever, except for our CallSwitch lifetime licenses.

We are currently giving away 50 free CallSwitch lifetime licenses to any new resellers that complete Sales & Technical training through the TelcoSwitch Academy by 30th April 2017. To find out more about the offer and get a head start on your competition, visit http://telcoswitch.com/50licenses.

It’s an exciting time at TelcoSwitch. We are currently offering 50 free CallSwitch lifetime licenses for any new resellers that sign up and complete their training and accreditation through the TelcoSwitch Academy by 30th April 2017.

Continuing our back to basics approach to the channel, we have launched a training programme which includes Sales and Technical training modules to fully equip resellers in selling our products.

Provided free of charge as part of the on-boarding process, the TelcoSwitch Academy has been designed to empower resellers with the tools to maximise on the opportunity that the CallSwitch hosted solution offers the channel.

Once all training modules have been successfully completed, resellers will be awarded the TelcoSwitch accreditation certificate and logo, stating that they are an approved TelcoSwitch reseller.

In addition to the TelcoSwitch accreditation, any new resellers that complete all training modules by 30th April will be rewarded with 50 free CallSwitch lifetime licenses, allowing them to get a head start on their competition and start earning immediately. The offer is subject to terms and conditions which can be found at telcoswitch.com/50licenses.

The training sessions, provided by Train to Win are already fully underway, with many more happening throughout March and April.

We’re committed to making sure that all our resellers have the knowledge they need to make a success of our products. If you’d like more information on the 50 free CallSwitch lifetime licenses offer, or to join the TelcoSwitch Academy, visit telcoswitch.com/50licenses.



“There are a couple of hosted vendors who have had an easy time in terms of lack of competition; this year is going to be different.” – Russell Lux

Shaking up the hosted scene and signing over 28,000 hosted seats in the first year alone, TelcoSwitch is making an impact. But who are the men behind this alternative to the channel for hosted telephony?


telcoswitch-russell-luxRussell Lux – The Boss
The mastermind behind the operation, Lux has a track record for helping businesses grow.

telcoswitch-lee-reubenLee Reuben – The Executor
The man who makes things happen, Reuben ensures every Partner’s experience is second to none.

telcoswitch-paul-gibbsPaul Gibbs – The Trader
An expert in hosted telephony, Gibbs knows the Wholesale Channel like the back of his hand.

Joe Murphy – The Traditionalist 
Bringing back tradition in the Dealer model, Murphy knows just how to support Dealers in selling next generation solutions.

Robert Arenson – The Salesman
Helping Partners unearth the diamonds in the jungle of telecoms, Arenson is passionate about finding solutions to customer problems.

Dan Lane – The Architect 
The technical brains of the team, Lane ensures the TelcoSwitch offering stays in tune with Partners’ changing needs.

telcoswitch-andrew-bowenAndrew Bowen – The Controller
Keeping the company finances in check, Bowen’s drive for results keeps the company’s rapid growth on track.